Blog Post #10: Radio & Smart Speakers

For us, radio will be here to stay. Whether or not you feel as though the radio industry is dying, there will always be a medium for radio. I enjoy the spontaneity of radio and not knowing what’s coming next unlike a playlist even if you shuffle.  I enjoy radio in the car, but otherContinue reading “Blog Post #10: Radio & Smart Speakers”

Blog Post #9:Sleigh bells ring, are ya listening?

November 1st, the end of Halloween season and the beginning of Christmas season? Or is it? In actuality, Thanksgiving is less than one month away and Christmas is just about two months away. But when is it an appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music? According to The Enquirer, a radio station in Cincinnati beganContinue reading “Blog Post #9:Sleigh bells ring, are ya listening?”

Blog Post #8: What is the industry doing and how can it improve?

Radio Ink wrote an article this week, “How Can The Radio Industry Improve?” and we were curious what this exactly meant. Obviously over the course of this blog, we’ve seen streaming services prosper, radio stations thrive, but also close, and seen a large share of profit go towards Pandora Radio and Sirius Radio. Many otherContinue reading “Blog Post #8: What is the industry doing and how can it improve?”

Blog Post #7: Saying Goodbye to WBAI

A shock to most, radio station WBAI FM 99.5 has announced that after 65 years they are shutting down. WBAI 99.5 was a listener-supported radio station based out of New York City. The station ran on mostly listener contributions. WBAI has a nonprofit parent as well, which is based out of California. It seems likeContinue reading “Blog Post #7: Saying Goodbye to WBAI”

Blog Post #6

Streaming services have taken revenue away from many traditional business practices and industries. For example, Netflix is hurting movie theatre ticket sales and Spotify is hurting the sale of artists’ albums.  With Spotify beginning to produce more and more podcasts, will they begin to take over the radio industry too? According to The Guardian, theContinue reading “Blog Post #6”

Blog Post #5: Paying the Price

Entravision Communications Corp. is facing serious fines from Global Music Rights for illegally playing numerous artists on their radio stations. Artists such as Metallica, and Steve Miller were having their songs played thousands of times without any pay. But get this, this has been happening for years. Bloomberg states that, over 130 clients of GlobalContinue reading “Blog Post #5: Paying the Price”

Blog Post #4: ESPN Radio personality to get big payday

Andrew Marchand from The New York Post wrote an article a few months ago saying, “Stephen A. Smith poised to become richest talent in ESPN history.” Smith’s salary is currently $5M and has two more years on his current contract, but Marchand said that Smith’s salary can reach as high as $10M in two years.Continue reading “Blog Post #4: ESPN Radio personality to get big payday”

Blog Post #3: Redefining Alternative

New York radio station ALT 92.3 has been struggling trying to redefine what alternative music means for its viewers. Right now, ALT 92.3 is New York’s only major contemporary rock station – playing a wide variety of artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bastille, Green Day, & more. What ALT 92.3 is currently dealingContinue reading “Blog Post #3: Redefining Alternative”

Blog Post #2:What does PLJ shutting down mean for radio?

Are you sad about 95.5 PLJ shutting down this summer? Join the club. WPLJ ended its radio station this summer after thriving as a potent New York City radio station for over 50 years. According to Billboard, “Since 1983, PLJ has been either top 40 or hot AC.” Although in recent years, the station hasContinue reading “Blog Post #2:What does PLJ shutting down mean for radio?”

Blog Post #1: Internet Radio

The Radio industry is changing. For the better? Only time will tell. But, what does that mean? Internet radio has become a dominant source for American’s daily news intake. After analyzing, IBISWorld’s , Internet Radio Broadcasting Industry Research Report, we realized that total revenue in 2019 was up $4 billion and total businesses increased toContinue reading “Blog Post #1: Internet Radio”

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