Blog Post #9:Sleigh bells ring, are ya listening?

November 1st, the end of Halloween season and the beginning of Christmas season? Or is it?

In actuality, Thanksgiving is less than one month away and Christmas is just about two months away. But when is it an appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music?

According to The Enquirer, a radio station in Cincinnati began playing Christmas music this year on November 1st exactly. While 93.3 is a Christian station, it seems a tad bit early to begin playing Christmas music.

This may contribute to why it seems as though radio as an industry is dying. Stations begin playing the same music and then they don’t stop playing that music.

According to Radio Ink who did a study on how radio can improve, they found “When asked why they’ve been listening to less radio, survey respondents said the reasons were too many commercials and repetitive music (both at 40%).”

Likewise, ““Hearing favorite songs” was listed 66% of the time,” which means that if you are not a proponent of early Christmas music, you may turn off The Enquirer or any station that plays early Christmas music for good or stop listening for a while.

During a time where there is no shortage in music with E! People’s Choice Awards on November 10, American Music Awards on November 11, Country Music Awards on November 14, amongst several other awards shows; people should be listening to popular music and the music that will be featured on those shows in order to stay up to date in music. You can find the full lineup here.

According to a study done by Bustle, 52 percent of people believe it is acceptable to play Christmas music after Thanksgiving which falls on November 28th this year. But interestingly, 2 percent said it is never acceptable to listen to Christmas music and 9 percent think it is acceptable to listen after December 1st.

But, the Cincinnati radio station 93.3 said, “We believe Christmas is the most joyful time of the year! It’s all about celebrating the birth of Jesus,” the station’s website said, “It’s never too early to celebrate the holiday.”

It would be interesting to pay attention to how their followers tune in and tune out when a Christmas song comes on the air especially for all radio stations and for what time of year.

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